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Improvements, 2017 Onwards

Project Aims and Finance

After the enclosure was completed in 2016 we enjoyed the courts and learned, to our relief, that we could keep the windows and doors closed during the winter to limit the condensation that had previously occured when the outside temperature suddenly increased. The moist atmospheric air blown into the courts would produce huge amounts of condensation, making the walls and floors slippery. This situation would not have occured in a conventionally heated building but this option would have been very energy intensive. With the addition of the enclosure, these effects were much less pronounced leading to greatly reduced downtime. In order to further improve the situation we purchased one and then a second dessicant type dehumidifier to remove moisture from the air while we played. We also installed a patio type heater and then a second to directly heat the spectators and prevent them getting cold during the coldest weather.

When funds permitted we decided to replace the strip lights, dating from 2003, with modern LED lighting and using the skills of Lewis Keates we re-rendered a long section of wall adjacent to the floor which had come loose.

The £5,000 cost of this work was covered by members of the Club.

Dehumidifiers and Patio Heaters

Two dessicant dehumidifiers, which work when it's cold, keeping the air dry during play and two patio heaters warming the coaches and spectators

Dehumidifier that works in the cold - photo to follow Coach being kept warm by patio heater - photo to follow

New Lights

The new LED lights are noticibly brighter and better than the old flourecent stip-lights which had dimmed with age and were beginning to fail.

New LED lights, June 2018


The left hand court, left hand wall render had begun to break up and was in need of repair.

Splitting a tub without a means of weighing the two halves Lewis rendering with Richard and Stuart labouring

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