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Gallery 2020

Eton Fives at Repton after shutdown of indoor sports - December 2020 Lewis, Stuart and Raheem with new, old and very old shirts Front of new shirt - 2020 Back of new shirt -2020 Front of shirt circa 2004 Back of shirt circa 2004 Derby Mercia Rugby Fives Club shirt circa 1983 Fives players happy to be back after Covid-19 - August 2020 Disinfection products - August 2020 First Singles after Lock-Down - August 2020 First Session after Lock-Down - 20th August 2020 Stuart Kirby and Lewis Keates interviewed on the Fives Pod - July 2020 In with the New Website - June 2020 Out with the Old Website - June 2020 DMF 2nd Quiz Team - The BlagHards 2nd Quiz final scores - The BlagHards Kristians with gloves but not actually on Stuart with gloves on Online Pub Quiz DMF team - The Blaghards Lewis in Online Pub Quiz - selfie with gloves on Last session before the Covid-19 lockdown - 17th March 2020 Last session before the Covid-19 lockdown - 17th March 2020 Raheem and Dean Win U18 Midlands Doubles Raheem Wind U18 Midlands Singles Raheem and Dean Action Photo Sedbergh Group Photo Daniel Moore vs Sedbergh March 2020 Sunday Club March 2020 Saturday Club 2020 Raheem Yusuf WofE Singles champion 2020 Sherborne WofE Group 2020 WofE U18s Singles

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