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Gallery 2015

Lewis Keates and Will Ellison win the Mate's Plate at the President's Cup Will Ellison with partner Lewis Keates and Rob Whitehorn with partner Phil Atkinson Lewis Keates, Hassan Rehman, Dean Ali and Vishal Singh with Bob Dolby on the way to Bedford School John Halligan and Bally Singh at the Schools Winchester Tournament John Halligan serving  at Winchester Bally Singh and Lewis Keate at the Midlands Eton Tournament Stuart Kirby, Brian Kirk, Richard Christie, Lewis Keates and Bally Singh at the Midlands Eton Tournament Rajan, Arturs, Louis and Dean watching a game of Geometry Dash during a break from Fives at the last Saturday session before enclosure build starts Owers Trophy Team 2015: Craig Baxter, Anthony Goodwin and Lawrence Taylor Match against White Rose in Halifax: Lawrence Taylor, Lewis Keates, Tim Widdop (WR), Stuart Kirby, Richard Christie, Neil Roberts (WR), Bob Sandie (WR) and John Minta (WR) Hamish Buchanan (single plate winner) with Jai Singh and Craigh Baxter (doubles plate winners) - South West Open 2015 Jai Singh & Craig Baxter (plate winners) with Chris Davey & Stuart Kirby (runners up) - South West Open 2015 Stuart Kirby (runner up) with Hamish Buchanan (singles plate winner) - South West Open 2015 Chris Davey & Anthony Goodwin win Summer Tournament 2015 Bob Sandie & Stuart Kirby Runners-Up Summer Tournament 2015 Summer Tournament 2015 Summer Tournament 2015 Rob Christie and others 2015 John Halligan and Lewis Keates Rob Christie, Lewis Keates and Hasan Rehman Anthony Goodwin serves to Bob Sandie in Summer Tournament Final 2015 Lawrence Taylor shows off akeshift headgear Stuart show off his Digital Imaging skills Halligan and Whitehorn 2015 Jai and Bally Singh 2015 Bally Singh at SPS 2015 Singh, Singh, Halligan and Whitehorn 2015 Rob Whitehorn & John Halligan with U18s Doubles trophy 2015 Cribbage at Dick's house 2015 Cribbage at Dick's house 2015 Cribbage at Dick's house 2015 England vs. Lithuania 2015 DM v Sedbergh Plate final 2015 DM - Keates v Singh 2015 DM - Singh & Keates in U18 2nd Plate Singles Final 2015 Watkinson & Whitehorn in U18 Singles Final 2015 Watkinson & Halligan 2015 Tebboth & Whitehorn 2015 Stuart Kirby, Tony Hamilton, Ian Fuller and Dave Hebden at the Vintage 2015 Vintage 2015 Brian Kirk Vintage 2015 Brian Kirk Vintage 2015 Stuart Kirby Vintage 2015 Brian Kirk and Stuart Kirby Vintage 2015 Stuart Kirby and John Hawke Vintage 2015 Brian Kirk wins Vintage Singles Plate 2015 Rob Whitehorn and Tom Watkinson win Winchester Fives Plate Jai Singh and Rob Whitehorn at the Midlands Jai Singh and Bob Dolby at the Midlands Talha Rathor and Dean Ali at the Midlands Bradley, Parkes, Artur Skopinous and Abdul Mueez Jai Singh in action 2015 Millie Richards serves to Emilie O'Malley 2015 Emily O'Malley serves to Millie Richards 2015 DMF v. Oxford University 2015 School Matters - Clipping January 2015 Adam and Dean Ali and Usama and Talha Rathor at Oundle Lawrence Taylor, Jai Singh, Hasan Rehman and John Halligan at Rugby A pensive Anthony Goodwin at the North West Open 2015 Rob Whitehorn and John Halligan win U18 West of England Doubles 2015 Rob Whitehorn reaches final of President's Cup 2015

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