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Gallery 2011

photo of Luke Thomson winning the President's Cup with Guy Matthews 2011 photo of Alex winning the Love Mug with Hamish Buchanan photo: Max wins the T-Pot 2011, with Richard Dyke photo: Mike & Jimmy in action at Winchester photo: St. Paul's v. Derby Moor; Winchester Fives final 2011 photo: Jimmy & Mike with tankards at Winchester photo: Max & Jay win the Plate at the WoE Doubles 2011 photo: Derby Moor squad at the Yorkshire Doubles photo: Plate finalists Yorkshire Doubles photo: Max & Jay win the Yorkshire Open Plate 2011 photo: Old Derby Moor runners-up Owers Trophy 2011 photo: Anthony & Max win the London Doubles Plate 2011 photo: DMF as RFA at Halifax September 2011 photo: Mike Baxter & Tim Widdop win the 2011 Derby Doubles photo: Rob and Jay between games photo: Mike and Rob at rest photo: Jimmy Goodwin, Mike Baxter and Max Frost with dogs photo: Competitors at the 8th Derby Doubles photo: The National U14 Singles Trophy photo: Matt Blunden with U14 Singles trophy photo: Derby Moor take it easy! photo: Robert and Matt with silverware photo: Robert Whitehorn and Matt Blunden before the U14 Singles Final 2011 photo: Stuart cleaning courts March 2011 photo: Clive improvising at Oswestry photo: 2011 Junior IV at Rugby photo: Max Frost at Sherborne 2011

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