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Gallery 2005

Jamie Taylor, Matt Hurst, Waqr Khaleel, Ross Durney, Ashley Hill, X, X, X, X, James and Brian Kirk photo: Emma Seton with the Ladies at St. Paul's December 2005 photo: Patrick O'Brien in post-match mode photo: Pre-match chat photo: Post-match chat photo: Competitors in the Mixed Doubles Bradfield 2005 photo: Saturday Morning Club photo: Phil Bishop National Champion December 2005 photo: Brian and Stuart with Veterans Doubles Plate photo: Andy Pringle Guest Appearance photo: Derby Moor Fives February 2005 photo: Derby Moor Fives February 2005 photo: Bob Dolby celebrating his 60th birthday on court photo: Saturday morning in January at the courts photo: Paul Brown in action against Patrick O'Brien photo: Patrick O'Brien receiving service from Paul Brown photo: Staurt Kirby and Hamish Buchanan winners 2005 photo: Paul Brown serving to Bhaswar Baral and Patrick O'Brien photo: Widdup and Cleave with Bob Dolby 2005 photo: Bob Dolby awarding cups 2005 photo: John Beswick and Grem McIntyre runners-up and winners of the Spoon photo: Stuart Kirby and Hamish winners 2005 photo: Competitors in the Second Derby Invitation Tournament June 2005 photo: Grem McIntyre finalist with John Beswick photo: Tim Widdup and Rob Cleave winners of the Plate photo: Stuart Kirby and Hamish Buchanan with John Beswick photo: Paul Brown's finger June 2005! photo: The courts at night photo: Phil Bishop North West Champion 2005 photo: Emma and Ashley discussing the score photo: Emma Howie (Seton) photo: Emma Howie (Seton) photo: Stuart Kirby photo: Watching a match in progress photo: Brian Kirk photo: Stuart Kirby photo: Robert Grey photo: Robert Grey serving to Brian Kirk

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