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Enclosure of Fives Courts in 2015/16

Project Aims and Finance

During 2015-16 we added an enclosure to the back of the courts to protect players and spectators from the weather, particularly during the winter months. This has allowed us to make the facility much more hospitable with furniture and a water fountain with the expectation that it will help us to attract and retain more players. The £55,000 cost of this project was covered by members of the Club and the Fives-playing community, with contributions from the Rugby Fives Association Charitable Trust and from Derby Moor Community Sports College.

Monday October 26th 2015

The building work started today with installation of security fences and digging out at the back of the courts to remove steps and paving:

security fences up digging out started with removal of steps and paving

Tuesday to Saturday, October 27 to 31st

More digging out - about 300 tons taken off site, and not helped by the wet weather. The foundation trench is now evident along the back of both courts and was completed on Saturday. Unfortunately, the concrete lorry broke down so was unable to make a delivery to complete the foundations on Saturday.

The back-wall was reduced in height by hand but was then found to be unstable when the corner entry brickwork was removed, consequently, it was decided to demolish and start again. Also, the brickwork was found to be two bricks thick above ground and three thick underground and so would not have been very pretty in the finished enclosure:

more digging out - very deep here to reach good ground and for drainage pump back-wall height reduced more digging foundation trench started and back-walls had to be demolished foundation trench extended foundation trench ready on Saturday morning but concrete lorry broke down!

Tuesday and Wednesday 3rd and 4th November

Concrete delivered to site on Tuesday and half metre deep foundations completed. On Wednesday the surrounding earth was 'sculpted':

Tony (the foreman) loads dumper truck with concrete dumper truck pouring concrete into trench moving concrete along the trench with digger, shovel and rake moving concrete along the trench with digger foundations completed surrounding earth 'sculpted'

Thursday to Thursday, 5th to 12th November

Coming out of the ground: trench-blocks, breeze-blocks, hardcore, sand blinding, damp-proof membrane and metal mesh appearing in place:

300mm wide trench-blocks in place Tony and Ashley (of ALC) view work so far not out of ground until damp-proof course in place! trench-blocks placed along back-wall breeze-blocks up to floor level rebuilt court back-walls reach viewing-area floor-level and sand 'blinding' appearing damp-proof membrane and metal mesh ready for concreting

Friday, 13th November

Concrete poured to create floor slab:

concrete poured and leveled adjustments to the step at the court doors waiting for the concrete to cure

Monday 16th November to 18th December

The brickwork and blockwork brings the building out of the ground ready for the roof to be fitted:

hardcore compacted around periphery court backwall started court back-walls near complete enclosure back-wall started enclosure back-wall started brickwork at window level brickwork well above window level scaffolding now up Tony works on pillar to support new roof three brick layers at work lintels in place brickwork almost at roof level higher scaffolding and blockwork at roof level view through the door walls finished ready for roof

Monday 4th to 12th January 2016

Work restarted after the end of year break with the placing of the metal roof supports and now the roof, guttering and down-pipes are now finished:

roof supports placed inner skin of roof in place roof and blockwork hopefully the quarter inch of water in the left hand court will evaporate by Monday roof outer skin in place guttering and down pipes in place

Wednesday 20th January 2016

No work for 5 days but the scaffolding came down on Wednesday:

scaffolding removed - 20th January scaffolding removed - 20th January

Tuesday 26th January to 9th March

Electrical, plumbing, paving, woodwork and rendering work completed together with temporary boarding of enclosure door and windows and court doors. Awaiting new windows and doors and water fountain but we can now use the courts and our first session will be on the evening of the 10th of March:

fire detection and light switches being fitted - 26th January switches moved to the left to accommodate drinking fountain to the right - 1st February power sockets being completed - 1st February four lights fitted in viewing area - 1st February outside lights, drains and water supply connected - 3rd February paving taking shape - 4/5th February electrics and fire alarm completed - 11th February paving completed with tarmac - 15th February fencing opposite door completed - 15th February temporary door and window boarding completed - 22nd February court door started - 22nd February Beading in place and scratch coat of rendering complete - 3rd March Back wall of right hand court rendered, a little dark until it dries - 4th March Clean-up begins - 4th March Left hand court wall rendered - 7th March Right hand court wall after drying for 3 days - 7th March Two benches assembled and fitted - 9th March

Monday 25th to 28th April

Bob and Stuart have completed staining the viewing area floor:

Enclosure cleared ready for work to start - 25th April Bob brushing terracotta stain into the floor - 25th April Second coat added but not yet dry - 25th April Sealed, furniture replaced and play resumed - 28th April

Tuesday 26th April to Friday 6th May

After 6 weeks of inaction and the dismissal of the original builder - progress resumes with the arrival or the landscapers. This work is largely complete but the grass seed cannot be added until autumn as it needs damp ground to germinate, consequently, the work-site fencing will remain in place until then:

Arrival of the little digger - 26th April Soak-away dug - 3rd May Drain behind enclosure, silt trap and landscaping complete - 5th May Soak-away and drains complete and fence re-instated - 5th May Final movements of earth to cover old path - 6th May

Wednesday 1st to Friday 3rd June

The final Jobs have now been completed within the enclosure. The steps are decorated and made safer with high visibility strips, the water fountain is operational and door and windows are installed:

Kicker-plate and lips to steps fitted - 1st June Job Finished but some attentions to the floor required - 1st June Water fountain in place - 3rd June Windows being assembled - 2nd June Windows strapped into place - 2nd June Windows in place - 2nd June Door in place - 2nd June Internal trim - 3rd June

June 2016

Fives Courts fully operational again!:

Courts back in operation Cupboards fitted Stuart Kirby fits sign provided by Bob Dolby - 2017 Planting at back of courts in January 2018

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